Short story


I’m Philippe Diakité, a digital strategist and a user interface designer. For 15 years, I’ve worked in the digital space designing “relationships through the screen”, between consumers/users and brands/publishers, and to make these relationships as useful, efficient and seductive as possible.

I work for all digital devices and media (web, mobile, interactive kiosk, iTV…) and all kinds of projects (brand site, web service, web application, information kiosk…).

Since the beginning of my academic studies in computing and multimedia (at the Paris 8 University), I’ve been absolutely convinced that users should be placed at the center of the design process. This is why I took courses in psycho-sociology and cognitive psychology (still at Paris 8 University) and, as a self-taught, I spent a great deal of time in libraries in the 90’s to explore academic researches, mostly US,  in the field of computer usability and multimedia interfaces.




My skills


In the wide field of User Experience, I mainly work and develop skills in:


Usability Evaluation

I perform heuristic evaluations based on the common human-computer interface principles. I also conduct a few, but rare, users testing… to track down usability errors and define the best solutions to bring users a maximum comfort, efficiency and pleasure, according to the context (user’s needs, brand’s goals, technical constraints…).


User Interaction Design

Heavily focused on satisfying the needs of future users, I analyze, organize and categorize content into a coherent structure, I define the wording of labels, and I design user interface.


Digital Strategy

In a global user experience prospect, I work on the strategic foundation of the digital products according to the brand strategy, I define content and functionality in accordance with the brand’s goals and future user’s expectations.