Polysoude Automaton

Polysoude Automaton

A touch interface for a welding automaton for small business enterprises. We worked on a prototype that aimed to look like much more professional than it was.

Polysoude is a French welding company. Its Holding Company, GWT Group is located in Austria. Founded in 1961, Polysoude designs, manufactures and sells equipment and installations for orbital and mechanised welding as well as cladding. 85 % of its turnover is generated abroad (source: Wikipedia).

The initial interface had been designed by Polysoude engineers. We worked freely on our prototype without a real cooperation of Polysoude’s team, which left us with a lack of understanding of their complex product interface.

Our prototype didn’t solve all the issues and remained perfectible, but some guidelines were defined: bigger interactive zones, icons graphic simplification, removal of useless elements.
But our proposal didn’t retain the client’s attention and it kept its first user interface with some minor evolutions.

Graphic designer: Anne Bellenger

Graphic designer for additional icons: Jérôme Bareille

My deliverables: zoning and advanced story-board in Powerpoint