RATP Paris Subway

RATP Paris Subway

Interactive touch kiosks in Paris public Transports. A great and challenging project from the RATP with crucial usability issues.

The RATP is a state-owned public transport operator for the city of Paris and its surrounding region (source: Wikipedia).

The RATP is a natural actor of urban mobility. Its will was to develop a network of a thousand information kiosks. This project was carried out with JC Decaux and Naxos (subsidiary of RATP) in the perspective of “citizen action” of the company.

I dealt with a large amount of information to organize with different dimensions: mostly transportation (maps, schedule, routes…) and city guide (events to catch, places to visit), secondly, the access to some useful services (email, weather…) and international accessibility.

The design of the interaction was exciting and I applied “very simple” rules for an intuitive and consistent interface. The basics remain in a unique navigation bar per page (as often we can see it now for smartphone interfaces) and the display of interaction buttons at the borders of the screen (to not soil its center !)

I worked on first and second release of the project which was, moreover, a great success with users, institutions and RATP partners.

Agency: B2L/Proximity for v.1, Cyber Networks for v.2

Graphic designer: Anne Bellenger


My deliverables: zoning and avanced story-board in Powerpoint, guidelines