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Sagem Mobiles

In 2006, Sagem Mobiles (ex-subsidiary of Safran) launched its first mobile phone (the my700x) powered by a 3D graphic ship. In order to demonstrate the real-time 3D abilities of their device, we had the mission to create and design 3D animations and a new user interface.

The my700x was a mobile phone designed for young “techno-sensitive” music lovers.
To provide to users a “living interface” always different from one moment to another, we wanted our 2 animations (device’s start and shutdown) and animated user interface using actually the 3D ship with real-time render.

To our surprise, client’s team decided to not use its 3D render! We ultimately produced 2 videos in QuickTime and Windows video formats…

Creative concept: Jean-Luc Chansay, Sylvestre Mérand, Frédéric Siebert, Anne Bellenger, Philippe Diakité

Graphic designer: Anne Bellenger

3D Artist: Sylvain Negro

Creative coordination: Philippe Diakité

My deliverables: sketches