De Dietrich

De Dietrich

On the occasion of the creation and opening its first french showroom in Paris (2010), De Dietrich Home Appliances decided to redesign its website.
In order to:

  • affirm its position as a premium brand premium home appliances, in France and abroad,
  • respond accurately and fully to the expectations of users in terms of information,
  • standardize and industrialize its website for international deployment.

This web site design was based on some market research, user feedback and Product Design Charter and Communications Charter.
I was in charge of the detailed specifications of all the marketing, graphic design and technical inputs. In addition, I led a preliminary reflection and defined some principles for information architecture, usability and graphic design. All along the project, I acted as a brand, user interface and graphic design consultant.

My deliverables: improvements reports; specifications; benchmark
Agency: Mégalos (Graphic designer: Raphaël Capodanno)

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