Wanadoo (Orange Group)

Wanadoo (Orange Group)

The news portal home pages redesign of the France leader Internet provider. Though the project was a tender, it’s been a very interesting exercise in designing rich informational pages.

Subsidiary of Orange (formerly France Telecom), one of the most powerful telecom operator in Europe, Wanadoo was an Internet provider. The Wanadoo brand no longer exists. The Orange brand is now the flagship of the group.

We didn’t start from scratch. The Wanadoo team provided us several initial zonings to enhance and transform into a dynamic graphic html mockup.
That project led me to in-depth thinking about rich editorial pages information architecture. I ultimately wrote some design guidelines for informational portals.

See detailed mockups below.

My deliverables: zoning; advanced story-board; design guidelines
Agency: B2L/Proximity (Graphic designer: Frédéric Siebert)

Wanadoo Video Home Page: Final Graphic Mockup, Stroty-board & Zoning